Artisan Blended, Small-Batch e-liquids

“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it”  

– Toni Morrison, American Novelist 

Well said, Toni, and exactly why we started blending e-liquids.

There were complex flavors we wanted to vape and after much searching through what was available, knew we’d have to create our own. What we didn’t know was that our focus on sophistication and complexity would launch an exciting new genre of high-end blends.

We started with three flavors: Matador with its strong and sweet cigar flavor. Old Gold and its elegant twist on the traditional RY4 blend. And Aztec, a sweet and creamy vanilla dessert blend with the aroma of warm custard.

Today we offer 17 intricate and complex juices, with a new line on the way.


We know that Select Reserve’s success lies in our continued dedication to quality, both in our products and our customer service.

So whether you’re an international distributor, looking for high-end flavors or are making the switch from smoking to vaping and are lost amid the technical jargon, our mission is to answer your questions and ensure that you and your customers experience vaping indulgence at its finest.


We hand-mix small, artisan batches of premium ingredients until our flavors are complex, full-bodied, and raved about. Then we continue to craft these blends by hand to ensure their quality and consistency.

It’s this attention to detail that has earned us our reputation as a well-recognized, top-shelf brand.


The name behind Select Reserve brand of e-liquids is Tarkvemada, or Tark, for short. For him personally, the journey began in 2011, when after decades of smoking he made a personal resolution to quit at once. Easier said than done, he started looking for healthier alternatives that would feel enjoyable without further harming his health. That was when he first turned his sight to vaping and decided to give it a try. It didn’t take Tark long to realize that vaping does have a promising future even if, at that time, the selection of e-liquid flavors on the market was extremely limited and, for the most part, didn’t strike his fancy as something he could enjoy on an everyday basis. Having a creative mind, he got to work knowing, that if something does not exist, he’d have to create it himself. The more interested in the subject Tark got, the more he’d learned from his own experience mixing and developing, the more people around him started to notice, show interest, and then, rave about the quality and flavor of his juice samples, asking for more. What started out as a personal quest, was rapidly becoming a successful business that is now known as Select Reserve. Carefully crafting each e-liquid, Tark always searches for a creative interpretation of flavors that are unique, unimitable, full-bodied and highly enjoyable. He attributes the worldwide success of Select Reserve brand of juices to this principle.


With whom in mind was Select Reserve created?

Seekers of superior quality brands, including premium e-liquids customers trust for their consistently rich flavor, complexity and luxurious feeling. Vaping enthusiasts who consider themselves knowledgeable about vaping. They keep up with information about the products new to market, and are driven to try new brands based on rating and recommendations in order to form their own opinion. Loyal consumers who prefer to stick with the brands they really like, and who allow these brands to become a part of their everyday life.


With so many e-juice brands on the market, why choose Select Reserve?

It’s simple. Not only do our premium and complex, quality juices rival 95% of the current e-liquids on the market, but we also understand business – so the only thing rivaling your dedication to your customers, is ours.


When you choose Select Reserve, we commit to your success – 100%. It shows in our unwavering dedication to customer service, the consistent quality of our products, our devotion to efficient and uncomplicated international distribution, and our one-on-one attention to you, the retailer. When you succeed, we succeed.


We’re addicted to quality – but we’re equally dedicated to bringing you the best value, at the best price. We appreciate your business and understand the importance of building mutually beneficial business partnerships. When you succeed, so do we. And to ensure our mutual success, we strive to keep our prices fair and SAVE you money!


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