Tobacco E-Juice Old Gold

Tobacco e-juice Old Gold. This modern version of an elegant classic combines everything you love about an RY4 blend while showcasing its flavors in their true glory. A delicate hint of sweet tobacco combines with creamy caramel and rich vanilla to create a deeply complex flavor, perfect for RY4 lovers and semi-sweet-toothed vapers alike.

  • Ratio: 50/50 PG/VG. Custom ratio by request.
  • Volume: 30 ml, 60 ml. 120ml by request
  • Nicotine: 0mg – 3mg – 6mg – 12mg

8 reviews for OLD GOLD

  1. tat2ist64

    Love This Stuff
    Great Vape. One of My Favorites. Flavor is Awesome!
    William Nicholson from Orange Park, FL United States

  2. tat2ist64

    Love old gold
    My local stores have decided to stop carrying this product so I went right to the source. Seems a little bit expensive but I love the product. Keep on keeping.
    Ryan Pearson from Portland, OR United States

  3. Taro Beckwith

    My Favorite
    I first tried this RY4 many years ago and thought it was great, but as a human being, it was natural for me to think that there was something better out there and I must keep searching. There isn’t. I’ve tried many others subsequently, and this IS the best.
    Taro Beckwith from Portland, OR United States

  4. tat2ist64

    Tark’s Old Gold
    This is a must have for any RY4 fan… actually this is the “gold standard” for any ry4.
    Gary Johnson from Spokane Valley, WA United States

  5. tat2ist64

    the standard all RY4’s are held against
    this is the measuring stick.
    this is the gold standard.
    this is what every RY4 will forever be compared against.
    don’t think about it, don’t wonder about it.
    just order it.
    Kenneth Walker from Middle River, MD United States

  6. tat2ist64

    Phenomenal Tobacco Vape!
    I definitely enjoy a variety of e-liquids, but have always sought the best of the best when it comes to a good medium bodied, but light (not sweet) tobacco flavor. Reminiscent of a dry 24 Karat pipe blend, Tark’s Old Gold creation has yet to be topped for my tastes despite the many other e-liquids I have sampled.
    James Wehmeyer from Round Rock, TX United States

  7. tat2ist64

    Old Gold’s RY4 Game is Peerless

    I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve consistently found myself coming back to this flavor even after trying many many other ‘premium’ juices.

    It’s not sweet to the point of being ‘saccharine.’ I mean to say that it cannot be compared to some of the other ‘house’ RY4s I’ve had that tasted like sweetened pool water.
    Its name is very appropriate for its flavor. I’m going to be in a world of hurt if Tark ever stops making this one. If I have an all day vape this is it.

    Mark from Austin TX

  8. tat2ist64

    Very good!!
    HIBINO KEISUKE from nishinomiya-city, hyogo Japan

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