This satisfyingly sweet dessert blend combines all the creamy complexity of rich vanilla beans with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked custard. Pairs perfectly with both your morning coffee and a dark lager at the end of a hard day.

  • Ratio: 50/50 PG/VG. Custom ratio by request.
  • Volume: 30 ml, 60 ml. 120ml by request
  • Nicotine: 0mg – 3mg – 6mg – 12mg

15 reviews for AZTEC

  1. tat2ist64

    Very nice taste
    This Aztec is very nice, my all day vape!
    Best vanilla custard ever
    DJ from Jakarta, Indonesia

  2. tat2ist64

    Excellent product
    Excellent excellent vanilla, very aromatic. I will definitely try other liquids from them

  3. tat2ist64

    Excellent Juices!
    It is a taste I like very much.
    It is my favorite.
    Shimizu Masahito from Osaka, Osaka Japan

  4. tat2ist64

    My Favorite
    Best Vape out there no doubt. My two favorites vapes are Aztec and Old Gold!
    William Nicholson from Orange Park, FL United States

  5. tat2ist64

    This is just delicious!
    CREAMY cape that just has that taste that you can’t stop vaping
    Does NOT have that bitter taste like Willie’s and it simply BLOWS away CLS! I ordered both the same day
    Nice CREAMY with that perfect sweetness of vanilla custard…
    This is not a review where you’ll try and say wtf this sucks, this is as good as it gets
    The service and shipping is top notch, no time for any other type
    Geno Locascio from Copiague, NY United States

  6. tat2ist64

    Scent of vanilla custard and spreads at the moment you open the lid.
    Taste? It must be purchased vanilla custard and love.
    One week or more, you will taste that leads you to heaven … and lay you open the lid.
    DCM from JAPAN

  7. tat2ist64

    the AZTEC
    this is an amazing juice im used to vape 2-3ml a day but i vaped 6ml of Aztec in two hrs lol
    this is abs0lutely vapelicius its smooth and creamy custard juice its perfect
    Dror from Israel

  8. tat2ist64

    A great time
    Always us turned into bliss of time .
    Custard taste of number one that I choose
    Naoharu Nihei from Tokyo, Japan

  9. tat2ist64

    I love this juice
    I’m so happy vaping this flavor.
    Hiroki Kasukawa from Adachi-ku, Tokyo Japan

  10. tat2ist64

    My Favorite
    Best Vape out there no doubt. My two favorites vapes are Aztec and Old Gold!
    William Nicholson from Orange Park, FL United States

  11. tat2ist64

    An interesting blend
    This Select Reserve Aztec Juice is not the average custard blend. It has a very beautiful and complex vanilla flavor, with some exhale notes of almost maize flavor. It is sweet, but never unbearable. The 12 mg nicotine juice provides a steady throat hit, and the vapor production is very decent. This is most definitely a layered, intricate blend, easily an everyday liquid if you enjoy deep vanilla and “mustier” flavors. The liquid is runnier than thick, and it is a nice amber color. The flavor is highly recommended if you enjoy sweet vanilla with more complex undertones. It is worth trying out at least once!
    WildMcgee from Texas

  12. tat2ist64

    Aztec is one of the juices i try to always have on hand. I tend to get tired of vanilla flavors after a short while but this one is a total exception. I used to have a cigarette after a good meal and now i drip this and its so much better.
    Kevin Mc from Oakland , CA United States

  13. tat2ist64

    Vanilla, Fine as Fine Can Be
    Just a great vanilla. Very complex as a vanilla, and the flavor seems to switch from custard to standard sweet vanilla, to vanilla cream. It depends on time of day for me. Morning afternoon or night, but as it’s from the same bottle, and the fact that I truly enjoy each flavor profile, I enjoy it’s complexity. This juice will continuously change up on you, but every aspect rocks the palate.
    Tyler Dotter from Townsend, GA United States

  14. tat2ist64

    A must-have for vanilla lovers
    Very rich Vanilla flavour with a hint of tobacco undertone. Very delicious.
    Ryu from Switzerland

  15. tat2ist64

    Can’t get enough
    One of the best fluids in my opinion.
    Josh Hofmann from Crawfordville, FL United States

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